Standard Sandwich Platter

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Our Sandwich Platters come in two different "classes":
  • Feeding the crew? You’re in the right place for our everyday standard (but still yummier than those packed in your lunch box!) type fillings in our Standard Sandwich Platters; or
  • Feeding the managers? Head over to check out our Premium Sandwich Platter - the sandwiches included on those platters include a combination of extra filling or premium fillings such as bacon, avocado, turkey, Camembert cheese instead of tasty, etc.
Our STANDARD sandwich platter comes with the our chefs selection of fillings, with half your sandwiches on thick sliced white bread and half on thick sliced seeded bread. Our Standard sandwiches include modern takes Ham, Cheese & Tomato with egg based mayo and seeded mustard; Freshly boiled egg with our yummy mayo, chives and lettuce; Mild salami, finely sliced spanish onion, over-ripened tomato, rocquette and red capsicum; etc.

As with all our platters, our sandwich platters are available in two different sizes:
  • Our SMALL platter has six rounds of sandwiches cut into a total of 24 points, we estimate that its suitable for six to eight guests;
  • Our LARGE platter has ten rounds of sandwiches, cut into a total of 40 points which we estimate that is suitable for eight to twelve guests;
  • We've included a comparison photograph of a small and a large platter!


Are you worried about over catering but at the same time worried that you wont have enough food to feed everybody? Click here for some helpful tips!


Our packaging is sold exclusively to Border Catering - we're proud of our distinctive white platters that are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Each platter has a clear PET lid that look upmarket enough to be served directly on to your boardroom table!

It is well documented that current unsustainable lifestyles globally are depleting the earth’s natural resources at an unprecedented rate. Click here to read more detail about our investment and efforts to do our part!

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