Business Class FULL DAY Conference Package

Regular price $55.00

Full Day - Economy Class - $55 per guest

  • This full day package is for Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea;
  • Minimum 12 guests to purchase this package;
  • Strictly 7 days notice to purchase this package;
  • Grinders filtered coffee, a range of T2 Tea, Nestle Hot Chocolate and Fresh Orange Juice for eight hours from guest arrival;
  • Morning Tea: Your selection of TWO items from the list below;
  • Lunch: Working style lunch with platters of Business class sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and seasonal fruit platter.
  • Afternoon Tea: Your selection of ONE item from the list below;
  • All crockery, cutlery and serving ware for the above.


Morning & Afternoon Tea Choices

Savory Choices

  • Corn & Chive Artisan Muffin – a delicious blend of Australian cheddar cheese, corn, chives, zucchini and paprika.
  • Mediterranean Artisan Muffin - olives, sun dried tomato, Australian tasty cheese, garlic and oregano.
  • Angus Beef Slider - Australian Angus beef patty, cheese and sauce in a bricohe bun.
  • Pulled Pork Slider – Pulled pork with coleslaw and BBQ sauce in a brioche bun.
  • Gourmet Cocktail Pies – Lamb and Rosemary, Peppered Beef and Chicken Curry.
  • Gourmet Cocktail Quiche – Quiche Lorraine, Roast Vegetable & Goats Cheese and Smoked Salmon, Dill & Brie.
  • Mini Ham, Cheese & Tomato Croissant

Sweet Choices

  • Handmade Monte Carlo Biscuit – Buttery coconut biscuit with a delicious jam and cream centre.
  • Mega Yo Yo – Traditional handmade Aussie melting moments with a soft creamy vanilla centre.
  • Sweet Muffin – The chefs selection of our sweet muffins, typically fruit, chocolate or both!
  • Chocolate Lammies – Moist jam filled vanilla butter cake, choc dipped and coated in shredded coconut.
  • Vanilla Slice - Delicate vanilla custard cream between two layers of flaky, buttery puff pastry.
  • Cookie Selection – jam shortbread, vanilla yoyo, chocolate dipped heart, gingerbread star and choc chip cookie.
  • Sweet Slice Bites – petite portions of sweet slices which may include apple & raspberry, carrot, choc mud, lemon, flourless orange, caramel, etc.
  • Chocolate Mudslide Cupcake – Moist mud cake, creamy buttercream finished with a smashed chocolate macaron.
  • Red Velvet Cupcake – Moist red velvet cake with a dollop of cream cheese frosting and bright red velvet crumbs.
  • Macarons – brighten your break with a colourful selection with favourite macarons, including ‘Smickas’ (chocolate macaron with peanut and caramel buttercream), chocolate macaron with choc nougat centre, a moreish Caramel macaron with salted caramel centre, raspberry with a cream centre, manderine, and a freckly bubble gum flavoured purple macaron.

Gluten Free Morning & Afternoon Tea Choices

  • Raspberry & Apple Almondine – Moist almondine filled with raspberry and apple, topped with almond flakes.
  • Orange & Almond Baby Cakes – cute ground almond and orange cakes, wrapped in white choc and praline crust.
  • Raspberry Jim Jam – Raspberry almond cake with cream cheese fudge, berry compote and raspberry macaron.
  • Lemon Passionfruit Slice – Lemon slice, with a passionfruit twist!
  • Belgian Chocolate Friand – Almond meal blended with pure cocoa, topped with a Belgian chocolate ganache swirl.
  • Raspberry Yo Yo – Vanilla melting moments filled with a creamy raspberry filling.
  • Apple, Maple & Pecan Friand – Natural almond meal with chunks of moist apple and pecan, with maple glaze.
  • Orange, Chia & Poppy Friand – Almond and orange friend with poppy and chai seeds, delicious omega 3 boost!

Healthy Superfood Morning & Afternoon Tea Choices

  • Choc Chia Nourish Bar – superfood boost with almond, walnut, dates, pure coca, chia and coconut. DF, EF, GF & NAS.
  • Chewy Cranberry Oat Bar – oats, coconuts, pepitas almonds, cranberries and linseed. DF, EF & NAS.
  • Lemon Bliss Nourish Bar – almond lemon, sesame seed, rice malt syrup, honey and coconut. DF, EF, GF & NAS.

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