Baguette Platter

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Baguette Platter


This is one of our most popular items and is always a winner in a boardroom! Our Baguette platter is recommended to use over a Sandwich platters where ratio's of males to females is higher - the baguettes are more substantial than a sandwich!

Recently changed to offer two different sizes - our small platter includes five baguettes cut in four pieces (total of 20 pieces) and our large platter comes with eight baguettes cut into four pieces each (total of 32 pieces).

We rack-bake our baguettes fresh on the day of your order. Once filled, your baguettes are supplied to you in our distinctive white catering trays that are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable!

Fillings vary each day - we rotate combinations that include:

  • Rare roast Lamb, caramelised onion, hummus and salad leaves
  • Cajan chicken breast, avocado and roquette
  • Fresh salad with tasty cheese
  • Old school egg mix with mayo and salad leaves
  • Turkey, camembert, snowpea sprouts & cranberry sauce
  • Rare roast beef, grilled red peppers & roquette
  • Ham, tomato, camembert and seeded mustard




Are you worried about over catering but at the same time worried that you wont have enough food to feed everybody? Click here for some helpful tips!


Our packaging is sold exclusively to Border Catering - we're proud of our distinctive white platters that are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Each platter has a clear PET lid that look upmarket enough to be served directly on to your boardroom table!

It is well documented that current unsustainable lifestyles globally are depleting the earth’s natural resources at an unprecedented rate. Click here to read more detail about our investment and efforts to do our part!

Rare Roast Lamb, Hummus, Caramelised Onion & Butter Lettuce - See more at:
Rare Roast Lamb, Hummus, Caramelised Onion & Butter Lettuce - See more at:

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