We're proud of our biodegradable, compostable, recyclyable, sustainable packaging!

Sustainability is about doing your part to build the kind of world that we want to live in, one that we want our children to inherit. Right now, more than any other time in our history, there is sufficient evidence that we as human beings are living unsustainably, and that the earth’s natural resources essential for life, are being depleted at an unprecedented rate.

Sustainability has been increasingly integrated into our lives for many years - and so it should be! It's everyone’s responsibility to take the necessary actions to protect the earth’s precious resources for ourselves and for the future generations to come.

Border Catering proudly invested in using sustainable packaging in it's infancy of operating. Since making the switch to 'green' packaging as a sustainable alternative, our team proudly promoting our catering is supplied in biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, food grade packaging!


Our packaging is made from annually renewable plant fibers such as sugar-cane and corn, a simple change meant a huge reduction the use of non-renewable resources such as oil-based plastics.

Albury CateringBorder Catering platters are white in colour with a clear PET lid. These platters are very smart looking, smart enough to be served directly onto a boardroom table full of executives!

Each platter we produce is packaged and delivered to you in one our three different size platters. Measurements of standard platters has been included below to assist in the operational logistics of you receiving your order - often corporate clients do not have the resources to refrigerated the largest platter listed below therefore this may impact the delivery time requested by the client: 

  • Small - 155mm (Length) X 255mm (Wide) X 80mm (High)
  • Medium - 360mm (Length) X 255mm (Wide) X 80mm (High)
  • Large - 560mm (Length) X 255mm (Wide) X 80mm (High)


No need to separate food waste stream – our compostable packaging can be disposed together with the food scraps to compost.

Both AlburyCity and City of Wodonga provide commercial and residential weekly collection of compostable matter, if you use onsite composting you can significantly lower the amount of waste generated (food organics make 40% to 50% of waste stream).


The key benefit of using biodegradable materials is that the packaging is fully compostable opposed to just being recyclable.

Our packaging products are made to decompose in a commercial composting facility within 60 to 90 days. Suitable for home composting. Complies with ASTM D6868 and EN13432 reports for compostability.


Where our customer has no access to commercial composting facilities, we suggest recycling the cardboard.


The packaging used by Border Catering has been certified to comply with:

  • ASTMD6868 and EN13432 reports for compostability
  • ISO9001 certified; and
  • ISO14000 certified.