The regions premier Corporate, Government & Event caterer!

We’ve taken the hassle out of arranging catering for your "everyday" requirements! 

Gone are the days where YOU had to chase multiple local catering companies who were too busy trying to hide their pricing from their competitors rather than getting get back to you with a quote!

Gone are the days where YOU had to cover the receptionist while they drove across town to the catering company to pickup your catering! 

Our model is very simple:

1. You select the meal type from the navigation bar across the top of our site;
2. You add the items you want, in the size you want;
3. Choose the date and time of your delivery;
4. Make payment by credit card on our website (we'll email you a Tax Invoice immediately!)
5. Embrace the relief that you didn't drive across town to pickup your order, as you watch us deliver your order.