Vitamin & mineral "dealer"?

Jai Edwards

People have eaten sushi for many years. In the Asian culture, sushi is considered as a part of their daily dietary intake.

With so many health benefits, including high levels of protein and omega- 3 for your heart function sushi is one of the most nutritious ready-to-eat products on the market today! Let’s go into the world of sushi and explore the wonderful health benefits that these little rolls can give you those results in long healthy living.

Most of our clients prefer salmon, prawn or tuna in their sushi rolls, and whilst there are many more types of meat and seafood that you can create sushi rolls with, seafood plays a big role when it comes to your health. Most seafood is high in protein, and it has less fat than beef or pork. Seafood aids healthy digestion, is high in minerals in vitamin E to help support your skin and hair generation. When it comes to your heart, you need to consume sushi like no other - it is packed with omega-3 and “healthy cholesterol” that supports your arteries and heart.

If you are not a person that likes seafood or meat, then our vegetable sushi is wonderful alternative. Many people like to eat avocado, cucumber, carrot and a range of other vegetables in their sushi rolls. Avocado helps your nails grow, and give you shiny healthy hair. Cucumber aids in digestion, and is packed with vitamins. Carrots provide clarity in your vision, and helps maintain a youthful glow. The big fighter in this wonderful roll however is the seaweed. When people think of seaweed, they may think of the large monsters that come out of the ocean covered with green leaves. Well, seaweed is packed with antioxidants and has more protein than spinach, it is also packed with fiber for regular bowel movements. It is also packed with potassium for muscles, and iodine to help blood cells stay healthy.

Worried about the carbs from the rice? Don't be, the health benefits far out way the carbohydrates! The Japanese rice used for our sushi is low in starch (high starch levels slows the metabolism!) and is low in calories.

All in all, Bar Sushi is very proud to bring you the combination of fresh vegetables AND seaweed, to bring you their daily vitamins and minerals without taking yucky pills on the market today!


About Border Catering

Albury Wodonga’s premier Corporate & Government Caterer, Border Catering take the hassle out ordering catering and having to run around collecting catering on the day of your meeting or function – helps streamline this process! Navigate the website – from getting a quotation or placing an order – the ordering wizard will guide you through each step, including delivery and secure payment, all without leaving your desk.

Border Catering is operated by Bar Sushi, a locally owned and operated company that started in March 2009 as a dream to give the health conscious people of Albury & Wodonga a place where they could get a good nutritious meal, and still be back to the office in time to get back to the daily grind. From those beginnings we have moved into four locations – City Walk Arcade (519 - 525 Dean Street, Albury), Whitebox Rise Plaza, Centro Wodonga (Elgin Blvd, Wodonga) and 468 Dean Street (Albury) – and we have expanded the range of menu on offer. 


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