You probably dont realise YOU might be the one causing...

Jai Edwards

So, you've ended up on a catering companies website that provides corporate catering to Commercial and Government clients. It's common in business to get a call from a potential new client most days, however, it wasn't until I started working with Border Catering that I noticed almost every caller, despite each callers requirements being so varied, proceeds through exactly the same set of behaviors and comments.

I can almost time it when I'm going to hear the caller have a 'light bulb' moment, then listen to the caller explain that how valuable the information is, followed by - and here is the peculiar part - I am continually asked if I'd thought about writing a book about it! Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that anybody would purchase a book about a behavior they already think they're competent at doing, so I thought I'd publish a more detailed version about the information as a blog post on our website!

You probably dont realise the food that you order today is going to have a direct impact on the cognitive performance of your colleagues for the remainder of their day. A poor decision for morning tea or lunch has the potential to derail an entire afternoons productivity.

Our body converts just about everything we eat into glucose, it's that glucose that provides your colleagues the energy that their brain needs to stay alert! When they're running low on glucose, you'll probably notice them having a tough time concentrating and being engaged within your workplace.

To get the best performance possible, it's essential to understand our body processes different types of food at different rates. Foods such as bread, pasta, cereal and soft drink, release glucose quickly which results in a burst of energy but shorty followed by a slump! This means that while you're here browsing our website looking to place an order to meet your catering requirements, it's YOU that will have a direct impact on the performance in that long drawn out meeting or training session!

Don't be swayed by the easy, quick and usually cheap "take away" foods, research has shown foods high in fat require your colleagues digestive system to work in overdrive to process such food high fat foods, reducing the oxygen levels in the brain, making them groggy!

How do YOU achieve catering success? Order items that make healthy grazing easier to achieve than unhealthy snacking. When designing our menu items and the packaging of our products, we kept thinking back to meetings that we all struggled to get through.

While here on our website ordering for your next meeting, presentation or education session, we recommend pairing 'nourishment' platters (Sandwich Platters, Baguette Platters, Sushi Platters, etc) with a 'sustenance' platter such as our Fruit Platter, Fruit and Cheese Platter or our Dips Platter that all have high fruit and vegetable content that can be left out for your colleagues to continue grazing throughout your event. 

Rare Roast Lamb, Hummus, Caramelised Onion & Butter Lettuce - See more at:
Rare Roast Lamb, Hummus, Caramelised Onion & Butter Lettuce - See more at:

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